1. Picture time.

  2. fastcodesign:

    This Kinetic Wall Of Clocks Is Utterly Hypnotic

    Some things are just meant to be seen in motion. That’s certainly the case with A Million Times, a whirring board of almost 300 analogue clocks that exist in such a beautiful harmony with one another that they can segue from a pattern of rhythmically undulating waves to a full-functional digital watchface. A static image doesn’t do it justice.


    (via goodideaexchange)

  3. Ty Cobb at the National Portrait Gallery. (at National Portrait Gallery)

  4. Another day, another stadium. Go O’s. (at Oriole Park at Camden Yards)

  5. Hanging out with Francis Scott Key. (at Fort McHenry National Monument & Historic Shrine)

  6. Let’s play some baseball. #Tigers (at PNC Park)

  7. Hey look, there’s a Tigers game going on in there. Kind of fun hanging on the gate and watching for free. (at Comerica Park)

  8. Some piano in the park. (at Campus Martius Park)

  9. Peaches, corn, pineapple and burgers. T minus 10 min.

  10. Timmy, at bat with Nate and Drew at the Miracle League game. Such a cool field, check it out if you haven’t. (at Miracle League of Michigan Southfield)